We all are born in this world to learn through experiences. Many years ago I had a car accident, but at that moment I did not know yet that one day this negative experience could turn into one of the biggest chapters of my life.

Back pain that was caused by the accident progressed and at one point I was not even able to get out of bed. The doctors did not give me any other help besides prescribing painkillers. Instead, very cautiously they started preparing me for my future: my life in a wheelchair. All that lead me to my last hope that was visiting a yoga lesson. In the first lesson I felt that I was in a right place and my body exhausted from the pain started to feel better within every next lesson, until I reached to the point when I was not suffering any back pain. I was already used to living with a continuous physical pain 24/7, but suddenly, when the pain had disappeared, it felt very odd but relaxing.  

I turned a new page in my life and started with windsurfing practice. At first I was afraid that my back would not bare that physical burden but due to the yoga lessons my back was strong enough and my fear was with no reason. Besides windsurfing I also started snowboarding and thanks to yoga I could spend the whole day at sea or in the mountains without feeling any back pain.

My love for yoga took my life to a new level. I wished to share my yoga experience to the others as well and that is why I started with my studies to become a yoga instructor and later on in yoga therapy. Being a yoga instructor and a therapist I sense everything surrounding gradually through my body. When you are 18-year old, you run carelessly through your life constantly wasting your body. They say that one’s age shows how many percents of life has already been lived. A 40-year-old has wasted 40 percent of his body and that is whenyou start to value staying strong and healthy more and more.

In 2010 I had a goal to run a marathon and in 2011 my dream came true. When crossing the finish line in Tokyo with thousands of other people I felt that everything was possible if you just wanted enough. 

My collection is meant for a woman who makes informed decisions in her life. We wish to feel like goddesses even in our busy city lives. We encourage women to be bold in their choices while also remain feminine. A woman wearing our clothes loves herself and life around her.

For my clients I wish self-confidence and strong willingness to make the dreams come true.